With the 3D Cell Explorer, researchers, students and medical doctors can directly experience what happens inside the living cell – in real time and now even live with us in our webinars! 

We have listed here below our webinars to date for you to enjoy. 

Label-free live cell imaging meets Immuno-oncology

Dr. Mathieu Frechin, Head of Quantitative Biology at Nanolive will introduce you to our holotomographic microscopy and its implications in the field of Immuno-Oncology. During the webinar he will discuss the opportunities that are created by the usage of Nanolive’s label-free technology in the field of immune system research.

Mitochondria and lipid droplets in the spotlight: Label free imaging of cell metabolism

Dr. Mathieu Frechin, Head of Quantitative Biology at Nanolive introduces you to the advantages of our holotomographic microscope for imaging key organelles supporting cellular metabolism such as mitochondria and lipid droplets. Watch how – for the first time – it is possible to image mitochondria live and completely marker free. 

Long-term 3D imaging and quantification of stem cell dynamics

This webinar is all about stem cell imaging with the 3D Cell Explorer. For the first time, a breakthrough in imaging stem cells has been achieved. Now it is possible to image stem cells for days, in high resolution with no need for staining or fluorescence. Dr. Mathieu Frechin, Head of Quantitative Biology at Nanolive will introduce you to Nanolive’s technology and its implications in long-term imaging of fine cellular dynamics. 

Assembly and Setup of the Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer-fluo

Nothing like a 2.5min assembly! This nice video has been made by our Australian partners AXT PTY LTD.



Digital Staining and Best Staining Practices

This webinar is all about “in silico” staining of different cellular compartments. Thanks to several practical examples, Dr. Davide Merulla will explain the biological relevance of the Digital Staining, how it is physically possible to achieve great marking specificity in a completely non invasive fashion, show how STEVE (the dedicated 3D Cell Explorer software) works and give some suggestions and guidelines to achieve the best Digital Staining results. 


Infinite 4D Live Cell Imaging

Dr. Davide Merulla describes the actual landscape of live cell microscopy and how the Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer brings the concept of non-invasive live cell observation to a completely different level. Amazing 3D cellular reconstructions are achieved without the addition of any fluorescent marker and no phototoxicity is observed due to the extremely low power of illumination. Finally, a dedicated top stage incubator allows the monitoring of physiological conditions. 

Introduction to the 3D Cell Explorer 

First introductory webinar on the 3D Cell Explorer, WORLDWIDE

During this webinar, Dr. Davide Merulla will show you how the 3D Cell Explorer allows for real-time and non-invasive 3D live cell imaging with nanometric details. You will learn how easy it is to obtain comprehensive 3D results in just a few seconds.