We can do TISSUES imaging!!!!

Today we are officially inaugurating our BIO-News page on our brand new Applications session.

The aims of this blog are many:

  1. Share with you the last results obtained with our 3D Cell Explorer.
  2. Keep you informed about our demos in house, webinars.
  3. Keep you updated about when and where you will be able to meet us around the world (conferences, trade-shows, roadshows, demos).

Today, do not miss the opportunity to travel through our Applications page. Have a look at some of the experiments we run until today on our Case studies page, find your favourite cell in our Cell Library and learn how to work with the 3D Cell Explorer on our Protocols page.

To start, I want to share with you some amazing news: until now the 3D Cell Explorer was just enabling cell imaging but today, thanks to the efforts of our special development team, we can image TISSUES!

This will open a wide range of new medical and research applications such as histopathological studies, tissue morphological studies, etc.

We finally enable histological analysis of tissues without any stain. Here, an example of a tissue we imaged few days ago:

Slice of xenograft of human breast cancer in mouse. Cell line: MDA-mb-231 – On the left panel of the video, the refractive index distribution within the cells is displayed while on the right panel the 3D reconstruction is shown. On the bottom left side of the image is well visible a blood vessel with erythrocytes placed on different planes.

For more images, please visit the Tissue Library on our website.

We offer a tool for discovering: no one before us could look at living cells as we do, and this is an opportunity, for the first adopters, to make extraordinary discoveries in biology.

If you have a nice experiment to test with the 3D Cell Explorer, please do not hesitate to contact Martina.

If you are in Switzerland and want to come and test personally the instrument book your testing spot NOW and fill the following Doodle: https://doodle.com/zk3zn8m27naudi6k


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