On this page you will have the possibility to analyse the VOLUME in real-time and stain free! Enjoy and stay tuned: the list of results grows every week…

3D Cell explorer allows for:

  • Label-free direct volume measurement of cell, intracellular compartments and extracellular components.
  • Quantitative cellular mass growing monitoring
  • Detection and measure of stress vacuoles in living cells

Cell volume is a fundamental parameter in biology and medicine. Optical technology offers many possibilities for cytometry, but obtaining an accurate optical measure of cell volume is still very challenging. Currently, the most common method is indirect measurement where the cell is submerged in a fluid-filled container and the displaced volume is estimated. Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer goes beyond these limitations and allows for direct volume measurements of biological samples. With our software STEVE you can monitor the cellular volume, in a precise and quantitative way, and in real-time. Following the digital staining of the cell, the volume of the stain can be obtained with just a simple click.

Cellular volume measurement with STEVE

Human skin cancer cell were grown to 60% confluency in complete DMEM medium (Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium) in 35mm glass bottom culture dishes (FluoroDishes™ WPI, #FD35-100) and fixed with PFA 4% (15min). The total cell volume was digitally stained in red with STEVE. The total cell volume was evaluated digitally staining the cell based on its specific refractive index (RI) range then using the “digital volume” function of our software STEVE. The volume of the D-stained pixels give us the total cell volume.

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