The Ultimate Live Cell Imaging Tool


With the 3D Cell Explorer, for the first time ever, you are free to perform long-term observations of your cells without any invasion and in a quantitative way, based on their own physical properties (refractive index). 


Easy To Use


No special sample preparation

No need for any labeling or other invasive methods.

Top stage incubator friendly

The microscope stage is perfectly compatible with our top stage incubators.

Infinite live cell imaging

The low laser light intensity produces no phototoxicity.

Self calibration

The microscope self-adjusts on your sample and adapts to changes in the imaging conditions.

Kind To Your Cells


Long Term Live Imaging of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells

No stains

No need to kill (fix) your cells and no need to intrude them by adding chemical markers.

No cell swelling

No labeling derived cell swelling.

No phototoxicity

Our 3D Cell Explorer uses a low power green laser light (λ = 520nm, 0.2mW/mm2). 

No genetical modifications

No need to genetically modify your cells to make them express exogenous proteins in order to see them.

A Tool For Discovery

No markers uncertainty

No result uncertainty due to stain efficiency or long linkers.

Quantitative 4D data

The 3D Cell Explorer measures the different RI of different cell organelles and allows quantitative analysis. 


You can compare our technology with other complementary technologies (e.g. Fluorescence, EM).


Explore a new vision: Label-free unstained 3D cells; long observation time & new space for discoveries.

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