Live cell tomograhy

The live cell tomography microscope

Historically, scientific research is inseparable from medicine. Science has always evolved through technological advancement, allowing continuously improving observations, analysis and results. To further understand the unit of life: the cell, Nanolive has developed a live cell tomography microscope.

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Live cell tomography allows overcoming the limitations in cell exploration

Nanolive is a company composed of scientists  who created a revolutionary microscope to help improve research and modern medicine. Nanolive uses the method of live cell tomography in the 3D Cell Explorer, its innovative microscope recently launched in the market. With this outstanding technology, cell study no longer requires time expensive cell preparation. Live cell tomography makes it possible to measure the propagation of light through the cell. The 3D Cell Explorer allows overcoming the limitations in cell exploration. To do this, the microscope performs complete tomography of living cells, using a combination of holography and rotational scanning. Unlike tomography of the human body with MRI, the 3D Cell Explorer produces an instantaneous reconstruction of the cell, and at very low cost. The laser scanning head performs a full rotation every second, and every rotation corresponds to a 3D image. The image obtained is displayed on the user’s computer screen. This technology allows for live cell tomography.

A technological masterpiece

With this live cell tomography technique, it is no more necessary to use chemicals or dyes in order to observe cell structures, properties and behaviors. Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer therefore brings you a new generation microscope in perfect harmony with the latest technology. With this masterpiece, cell observations will be made with unprecedented resolution of 200 nm. With the use of live cell tomography technology, observing a living cell will be more accessible and more accurate. Nanolive technology is now available on Nanolive’s web shop.

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