Cell reconstruction software

STEVE : an innovative cell reconstruction software

As a microscope specialist, Nanolive is a company that proposes a disruptive technology. The 3D Cell Explorer, a last generation microscope, introduces features allowing living cell exploration, without the use of chemicals or fixatives. Thus, Nanolive technology offers a new method of cell observation and studies, through STEVE, the 3D Cell Explorer counterpart cell reconstruction software.

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An intuitive cell reconstruction software

STEVE is an intuitive and unique cell reconstruction software. 3D software application accompanying the 3D Cell Explorer microscope, STEVE operates thanks to an accelerated GPU processor. It offers versatile statistical analysis tools, as well as a quantitative color palette based on physical markers. Operators thus can interact with the 3D Cell Explorer and data produced through STEVE.

This cell reconstruction software has the ability to digitally color the single cells, using an unlimited choice of colors. In addition, it can generate 3D reconstruction in real time. Thanks to its features, STEVE opens a wide range of opportunities for research, allowing sharing, interaction, and results exploration from cells observations. This software also provides options for recreating the cells using a 3D printer or 3D hologram, in order to have a better understanding of cell structure and functioning. Otherwise, the images acquired can be directly viewed on 3D projection or animation equipment.

With STEVE, there are no more long hours of preparation with cell fixatives, prior cell observations under a fluorescent microscope. Indeed, the software uses the values in the different refractive index obtained from holography digital analysis, allowing users to mark similar values. Every cellular part has a different refractive index. Thus, the user may, at any time, change the colors of cell different organelles from this cell reconstruction software.

The functionalities of our cell reconstruction software

With STEVE, the user of the 3D Cell Explorer microscope can easily perform cell reconstruction operations, via a set of functionalities. These features include tools allowing to “digitally paint” different parts of a cell based on its physical properties, and measuring its refractive index, in order to produce images with 2D or 3D rendering. This cellular reconstruction software automatically detects all the other voxels from the image having the same refractive index, before marking the same parts with a specific color. This process can be applied for an unlimited amount of colors. Changes applied to digital stains are displayed in real time 2D or 3D rendering, as needed by the user.

In addition, the user can edit, save and reuse the tagging data, for use in other cells of the same line. Once installed on a computer, STEVE is the cell reconstruction software that allows scientists to travel inside cells, and produce more accurate data, all in 3D rendering. This cell reconstruction software offers a very valuable source of information for professionals, because it allows them to access a detailed description of cell geometry and topology, and tells them how cells function, with a nanometer resolution. STEVE is available as a free download on the Nanolive’s website.

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