Sperm cells

Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer enables you to obtain super-fast and accurate 4D reconstruction of living sperm cells.

It allows you to:

  • Checking the morphology of live sperm cells 
  • Obtaining quantitative information about internal components (head volume, amount of nucleic acid)
  • Sperm cells vitality monitoring 
  • Evaluation of structural and functional sperm cells integrity  


Male reproductive health in both humans and animals is an important research field in biological study. While spermatozoa are essentially transparent, and almost invisible when observed in optical bright-field microscopy, they have a different Refractive Index (RI) compared with the surrounding medium. Based on this physical feature, Nanolive’s Technology can be used as a label-free, non-invasive and high-resolution method to obtain reliable and quantitative information about morphology and motility of sperm cells. The 3D Cell Explorer enable you to monitor in 3D and Real-Time the morphology, the motility and the concentration of the sperm cells, which are the most important parameters for infertility evaluation and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) applications.

Human sperm cells

A fresh sample of human spermatic liquid was centrifuged and resuspended in PBS. The image was acquired in 2 second and without any kind of chemical staining, thanks to the 3D Cell Explorer. The different components of the sperm cell are digitally stained based on their specific Refractive Index (RI): head (Red), genetic information (Yellow), vacuole (Light blue) and tail (Purple).



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