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Synthesis of fluorescent molybdenum nanoclusters at ambient temperature and their application in biological imaging

Authors: Amit Kumar Sharma, Sunil Pandey, Nallin Sharma, Hui-Fen Wu

Published in Science Direct

Diagnosing water treatment critical control points for cyanobacterial removal: Exploring benefits of combined microscopy, next-generation sequencing, and cell integrity methods

Authors: Arash Zamyadi, Caitlin Romanis, Toby Mills, Brett Neilan, Florence Choo, Lucila A., Coral, Deb Gale, Gayle Newcombe, Nick Crosbie, Richard Stuetz, Rita K. Henderson

Published in Science Direct

Antibiofilm Nitric Oxide Releasing Polydopamine Coatings

Authors: Zahra Sadrearhami, Farah Nabilah Shafiee, Kitty Ka Kit Ho, Naresh Kumar, Marta Krasowska, Anton Blencowe, Edgar H. H. Wong, and Cyrille Boyer

Published in ACS Publications

Degradation of Mitochondria and Oxidative Stress as the Main Mechanism of Toxicity of Pristine Graphene on U87 Glioblastoma Cells and Tumors and HS-5 Cells

Authors: Sławomir JaworskiBarbara StrojnyEwa SawoszMateusz WierzbickiMarta GrodzikMarta KutwinKarolina Daniluk and André Chwalibog 

Published in Publishing International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Morphological changes in the ovarian carcinoma cells of Wistar rats induced by chemotherapy with cisplatin and dioxadet

Authors: A. A. Zhikhoreva, A. V. Belashov, V. G. Bespalov, A. L. Semenov, I. V. Semenova, G. V. Tochilnikov, N. T. Zhilinskaya, and O. S. Vasyutinskii

Published in OSA Publishing

Label free 3D analysis of organelles in living cells by refractive index shows pre-mitotic organelle spinning in mammalian stem cells

Authors: Patrick A SandozChristopher TremblaySebastien EquisSorin PopLisa PollaroYann CotteGisou F van der GootMathieu Frechin

Pre-published in bioRxiv

Label-Free Digital Holo-tomographic Microscopy Reveals Virus-Induced Cytopathic Effects in Live Cells

Authors: Artur YakimovichRobert WitteVardan AndriasyanFanny GeorgiUrs F Greber

Published in American Society for Microbiology

Parvalbumin alters mitochondrial dynamics and affects cell morphology

Authors: Lucia Lichvarova, Thomas Henzi, Dzhamilja Safiulina, Allen Kaasik, Beat Schwaller

Published in: Springer Link

Superresolved and reference-free microparticle traction force microscopy (MP-TFM) reveals the complexity of the mechanical interaction in phagocytosis

Authors: Daan VorselenYifan WangMatthew J FooterWei CaiJulie A Theriot

Pre-published in bioRxiv

Live-stream characterization of cadmium-induced cell death using visible CdTe-QDs

Authors: Samira Filali, Alain Geloën, Vladimir Lysenko, Fabrice Pirot & Pierre Miossec 

Published in: Scientific Reports 

Nanoparticles Based on Poly(trimethylene carbonate) Triblock Copolymers with Post-Crystallization Ability and Their Degradation in vitro

Authors: Lucie Reinišová, Filip Novotný, Martin Pumera, Katarína Kološtová, Soňa Hermanová

Published in: Springer Link 

Enhancing the antimicrobial and antibiofilm effectiveness of silver nanoparticles prepared by green synthesis

Published in: Journal of Materials Chemistry B

Nitric Oxide-Loaded Antimicrobial Polymer for the Synergistic Eradication of Bacterial Biofilm

Authors: Rashin Namivandi-Zangeneh, Zahra Sadrearhami, Ali Bagheri, Maeva Sauvage-Nguyen,
Kitty Ka Kit Ho,Naresh Kumar, Edgar H. H. Wong, and Cyrille Boyer

Published in: ASC Macro Letter

The Effects of Polymer Topology and Chain Length on the Antimicrobial Activity and Hemocompatibility of Amphiphilic Ternary Copolymers

Published in: Polymer Chemistry Journal


Facile preparation of full-color emissive carbon dots and their applications in imaging of the adhesion of erythrocytes to endothelial cells

Published in: Journal of Materials Chemistry B


The selexipag active metabolite ACT-333679 displays strong anti-contractile and anti- remodeling effects, but low β-arrestin recruitment and desensitization potential

Authors: John Gatfield, Katalin Menyhart, Daniel Wanner, Carmela Gnerre, Lucile Monnier, Keith Morrison, Patrick Hess, Marc Iglarz, Martine Clozel and Oliver Nayler.

Published in: The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 2017


Live Single-cell Mass Spectrometry with Spatial Quantitation by Three-Dimensional Holographic and Tomographic Laser Microscopy

Authors: Ali A, Abouleila Y, Amer S, Furushima R, Emara S, Equis S, Cotte Y, Masujima T

Published in: Analytical Sciences as Rapid Communication, 2016


Tomographic Holographic Microscopy for Nano-Scale Dose Calculation and Assessing Gold Nanoparticle Uptake in Live Cells

ASTRO 2016

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Grassberger C, Dinkelborg P, McNamara A, Schuemann J, McMahon S*, Willers H, Paganetti H, Wang M

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Marker-free phase nanoscopy

Nature Photonics, 2013

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„We introduce a microscopic method that determines quantitative optical properties beyond the optical diffraction limit and allows direct imaging of unstained living biological specimens. In established holographic microscopy, complex fields are measured using interferometric detection, allowing diffraction-limited phase measurements. Here, we show that non-invasive optical nanoscopy can achieve a lateral resolution of 90 nm by using a quasi-2π-holographic detection scheme and complex deconvolution. We record holograms from different illumination directions on the sample plane and observe subwavelength tomographic variations of the specimen. Nanoscale apertures serve to calibrate the tomographic reconstruction and to characterize the imaging system by means of the coherent transfer function. This gives rise to realistic inverse filtering and guarantees true complex field reconstruction. The observations are shown for nanoscopic porous cell frustule (diatoms), for the direct study of bacteria (Escherichia coli), and for a time-lapse approach to explore the dynamics of living dendritic spines (neurones).

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Nanomicroscopy for Live Cell tomography

The Handbook of Nanomedicine, Third Edition, 2017

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„Nanolive‘s Cell Explorer‘s technology enables determination of how light propagets through the cell [… ] Applications of this technology, which is commercially available, will enable discoveries on living cells and study of diseases as well as effects of drugs at cell level. It will be useful for recording celular uptake as well as localization of metal nanoparticles and assessments of cell exposure to nanoparticles.

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Characterising live cell behaviour: Traditional label-free and quantitative phase imaging approaches

The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, 2017

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“2.2. Quantitative phase imaging:  Commercially-available QPI systems can be broadly classified according to the phase retrieval method utilised: (i) off-axis digital holography (PhiAB, Nanolive, Lyncee Tec, Tescan,1 Ovizio); (ii) wavefront sensing (Phasics); (iii) spatial light interference (Phi Optics); (iv) ptychography (Phasefocus).”

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