Low confluency

On this page you will have the possibility to explore the Cell culture with low confluency as we see it: in 3D and stain free! Enjoy and keep tuned: the list of results grows every week…

It allows you:

  • Real-time, label-free monitoring of single cell seeding and growing

In cell culture biology, confluence is the term commonly used as an estimate of the number of adherent cells in a culture dish or a flask, referring to the proportion of the surface which is covered by cells. For example, 50% confluency means that roughly half of the surface is covered. A regular and precise monitoring of the cell confluence status is fundamental for well-defined experimental planning: the efficacy of many transfection protocols  and subculturing procedures are strictly dependent on the cell culture confluent status. 

The 3D Cell Explorer allows you to acquire 3D images of your cell cultures in real-time and in a non-invasive way.


Lung cancer cells: low confluency

Mouse skin melanoma cancer cells (B16, p35) were grown to 25% confluency in complete DMEM medium (Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium) in 35mm glass bottom culture dishes (FluoroDishes™ WPI, #FD35-100). 

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