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You are made up of cells, and your food as well!  On this page, find easy and fun biological experiments to perform with your class.

Nanolive’s technology allows you to:

  • Observe living organism inside food as yogurt (lactobacillus)
  • Characterize the yeast strand for a craft beer
  • Reproduce experiments of 3D live-cell imaging at school (onion cells)

Forget all the slow, boring experiments… the 3D Cell Explorer revolution is coming! You don’t need to spend time and money to perform great scientific experiments: thanks to the Nanolive’s technology, now everyone has the possibility to explore the biological life in 3D and in Real-Time! Our educational program engages students & teachers in interactive cell learning through cutting edge technology. We empower educators to develop clear, hands-on experiments to help students gain a much deeper understanding of cell biology.




Lactobacillus in Yogurt

Procedure for preparing yogurt bacteria cells: 1) With a toothpick take a small amount of yogurt, and spread it over the microscopy slide. 2) Add some PBS/water drops and cover it with the coverslip. Everything is ready now. It is time to explore the hidden life inside your food!

Starch granules inside banana cells 

Procedure for preparing banana cells: 1) With a toothpick take a small amount of banana pulp, and spread it over the microscopy slide. 2) Add some PBS or water drops and cover it with the coverslip. Your banana cells are ready to be observed!

3D onion cells in mitosis

Even if you don’t like onions (we don’t) you can still use them in the name of science! Procedure for preparing onion root tips: 1) Cut a thin piece of root tip and put it into a plastic tube with a small amount of acid. (Caution: Work with the HCl carefully, if you are under 18 ask for the help of an adult!) 2) Warm the tube in hot water for ten minutes. 3) Using forceps, carefully transfer the root tips to a microscopy slide, wash it with PBS or water and cover it with the coverslip. Now you are ready to see your experiment results. Enjoy your Onion cells 😉

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