Drugs and Toxicity

On this page you will have the possibility to explore Drugs & Toxicity effects on cells as we see it: live, in 3D and stain free! Enjoy and stay tuned: the list of results grows every week

Nanolive’s technology allows for:

  • Label-free, Real-Time, Monitoring of cell morphological changes during drug exposition
  • Following drug internalization process
  • Quantitative measure of intra-cellular drug loading (direct volume measurement)
  • Definition of drug loading cellular compartment
  • Real-time drug cellular toxicity evaluation 

Drug molecules can have multiple effects on cells. Those effects can be measured in terms of toxicity to the cell. Depending on the dose or the type of molecules used, the cell response can be different. It can vary from the stopping of the growing/dividing process of the cells, to their rapid death (necrosis), or controlled death (apoptosis). The most common assay to measure toxicity is to assess the membrane integrity. To this purpose, chemically staining the cells is necessary, which is a tedious and time consuming process. Nanolive’s new technology offers the possibility to get rid of these chemicals thanks to a digital staining done post acquisition with its software STEVE. On top of that you can observe in real time how the cells react to the different drugs thanks to the 3D Cell Explorer.

Induced NaOH necrosis 

ID8-ova cells (ID8 murine ovarian tumor cell line transduced with ovalbumin) were grown to ˞40% confluency in complete DMEM medium (Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium) in 35mm glass bottom culture dishes (FluoroDishes™ WPI, #FD35-100). The time-lapse experiment was conducted at RT for 2 minutes. NaOh was added to the medium during the acquisition to trigger the necrosis of the cell.

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