Label-free live cell imaging demo by Nanolive


Nanolive is coming to Dresden

Sign up today and reserve your spot to test your own cells with our label-free live cell imaging microscope!


Tue 22nd to Thu 24th of January 2019



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Long Term Live Imaging of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells for 15 hours

Exact Time schedule

  • Tue, 9 am: Talk “Holotomographic microscopy for label-free 3D live cell imaging”
  • Tue, 10 am: For the demo participants: short movie on the Software Steve
  • Tue, 11 am – Thu, 18 pm: Demo of the holotomographic micrsoscope with your own samples, according to schedule 

Preparing your samples for the demo

Follow these instructions carefully for successful imaging


For optimal user experience: 1-2 users for one hour with 2 to a maximum of 4 samples per time slot. Please include negative samples for your fluorescent stainings.

Compatible Labware

Please make sure to use the cell culture vessel described in the Nanolive compatible labware report “JUST THE NORMAL LABWARE MIGHT NOT WORK”. Download here:

Sample Preparation

For optimal results and easy protocols refer to the sample preparation guide lines / rules of thumb. Download here:

The 3D Cell Explorer

Label-free live cell imaging with the 3D Cell Explorer: Take your cell research to the next dimension

Live cell imaging in physiological conditions without any bleaching or phototoxicity

Measurement of cell processes from seconds to weeks

High resolution and high sensitivity characterization of multiple cell organelles based on their refractive index


Take your cell research to the next dimension

  • Stem Cell Research
  • Cellular Metabolism Research
  • Cytotoxicity and cellular compound activity studies

…and many more.