Cells on chips

2D cell culture systems do not accurately recapitulate the structure, function, physiology of living tissues, as well as highly complex and dynamic three-dimensional (3D) environments in vivo. The cell-on-a-chip technology can provide micro-scale complex structures and well-controlled parameters to mimic the in vivo environment of cells. The 3D Cell Explorer offers the great potential of getting a non invasive, 3D real time imaging of cells directly on this glass chips. 


Nanopillars Glass Chip

3D Cell Explorer images of fibroblast reticular cell seeded on a glass nanopillar array.  the adhesion of the cell to the subastrate is guided by the nanopillar structures. Components are digitally stained based on their specific RI values, cell cytoplasm in purple, nucleoli in yellow, nano-pillars in green.  

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