Cell GPS

After monitoring cell’s thickness during mitosis, we want to show you another measure obtained with the 3D Cell Explorer and its software STEVE: we tracked cell migration (position, speed..) over time.

In the video below, we show the migration of a Fibroblastic Reticular Cell (FRC) over time. Shown on the top-left is the 2D RI map in grey scale, and on the bottom-left is the 3D view. On the right we display the same image after filtering out the background noise and the signal coming from the dead cell on the bottom of the field of view. The location of the barycenter of the cell is followed over time allowing for cell tracking.

Monitoring cell movements can be useful for a large variety of assays in biology such as in vitro wound healing rate determination or in vitro cancer metastasis progression. You can find more information in this interesting paper.

Please, check out our previous post about cell migration monitoring with our technology here.


Then, with this data we were able to extract the speed of the cell at each step (instant velocity) as well as its total mean velocity during the whole process (around 0.9 µm/min). You can appreciate it in the graph below.

Instant velocity and mean velocity of a cell during its migration

Instant velocity and mean velocity of a cell during its migration


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