Cancer diagnosis

The 3D Cell Explorer allows for real-time and non-invasive cell division monitoring. The microscope detects the refractive indices in 3D of each and every cell organelle at a precision higher than 0.001 and with unprecedented nanometer resolution (x,y= 200nm; z=500nm)


More and more scientific publications are pointing out how the cellular and tissue Refractive Index (RI) distribution is a valuable intrinsic marker for a new generation of label-free cancer detection, more accurate diagnosis, and high-sensitivity screening. Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer microscope, allowing a quantitative RI measure in 3D and Real-Time, has the potential to perform a totally new, marker-free and ultra-rapid cancer detection.


CTCs (Circulating Tumor Cells) A549 detection 

Whole blood sample spiked with A549 lung cancer cells and processed on the Parsortix instrument in order to enrich for CTCs. The output of the Parsortix instrument (A549 and Periferical Blood Mononucleated Cells PBMCs) was resuspended in PBS and imaged by the 3D Cell Explorer.

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