Revolutionary label-free 3D live cell imaging technology changes the future of stem cell research. Watch the videos!

The 3D Cell Explorer

A revolutionary Tomographic
Microscope to look instantly
inside living cells in 3D

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software counterpart
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A unique 3D Cell Biology
Learning Space
All you need to teach cell biology


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 “You really need to be able to look at living cells
because life is animate — it’s what defines life”
– Eric Betzig, Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry, 2014

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The 3D Cell Explorer

A revolutionary Tomographic
Microscope to look instantly
inside living cells in 3D

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A unique 3D Cell Biology
Learning Space
All you need to teach cell biology

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The 3D Cell Explorer enables non-invasive 3D characterization of live cells in physiological conditions.

A unique 3D Cell Biology Learning Space – All you need to teach cell biology

Engage your students in discovery of cell biology with real microscopy data in 3D – to explore cells as they are: alive and in motion! Learn more about our educational program.


JUNE 20 – 23

ISSCR 2018 Annual Meeting

Melbourne – Australia


 “You don’t have to kill them to see how they live.” 

Federico Faggin, inventor of the microprocessor

Oliver Nayler, PhD

Head, Cardiovascular & Fibrosis Biology, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Allschwil, Switzerland

“Actelion researchers were among the first to explore the potential of the Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer in cell biological applications within the pharmaceutical industry. We were very happy that the system is so easy to set-up (plug-and-play) and we are still amazed by the beautiful images it generates. We mainly use the Cell Explorer to perform real time image acquisition and we follow compound activity in different cellular backgrounds. In a very short period of time, the 3D Cell Explorer has become very intensively used and we have found applications in several different disease areas – we would not want to be without this instrument.”

Alain Geloen, PhD

CNRS Research Director, member of CarMeN Laboratory, Lyon, France

” […] It is like a window opened on a new world.”  […] “What you did is fantastic. Your microscope is a great achievement. […] You bring a new way to see and to analyze cells. […] You give us the opportunity to read nature with an other physical quantity: the density. When I work with your microscope I keep correcting myself, this is not optic [what I see] it is density. In matter of regulations, density is more important than optic. That is why I say we must restudy all the cell biology, not looking at the optic but through the density. I am fully convinced that this is the biginnig of a new era in biology. […]

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The story behind our great product

Nanolive’s technology from discovery to market entry

Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS)

Nanolive’s technology and educational program on RTS – March 2017

Wildtype vs. Mutant Plasmatocytes in Drosophila Melanogaster

Drosophila melanogaster, the fruit fly, is a model organism widely used in biomedical research thanks to its versatility. Some advantages over other models are its low cost, easy manipulation, short life-cycle and large range of easily performed genetic modifications....

New Distribution Partner for the Nordics: RAMCON A/S

Nanolive is proud to announce a new distribution partner for the Nordic countries: RAMCON A/S. RAMCON was established in 1988, and is today a modern company with more than 50 employees in sales, support and service. They focus on these three core...


The 3D Cell Explorer is an award winning live cell imaging tool