Drop of blood analysis

On this page you will have the possibility to explore the DROP OF BLOOD ANALYSIS as we see it: in 3D and stain free! Enjoy and stay tuned: the list of results grows every week…

Nanolive’s Technology allows you for:

  • White blood cells count
  • White cells motility check
  • Red Blood Cells (RBCs) morphological features control

Forget the long, sharp needles and vials of blood taken for your health check-up. Nowadays new clinical tests require only a single drop of blood! All around the world, researchers have developed less invasive, cheaper and more personalized methods of blood testing which rely on a pin prick and a small amount of blood from your finger. Using these new methodologies, up to 25 tests could be run at the same time, looking for markers related to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and also cancer! Nanolive wants to be part of this revolution allowing an ultra-fast, three-dimensional and marker-free view of the living cells inside a blood sample. 



Drop of Blood Analysis: Red Blood Cells (RBC) Counting 

A sample of human blood was taken from a donor, smeared on a coverslip and imaged at room temperature.  The images were then analyzed via MatLab to determine cell count and positions.

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